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Hi y'all! Everyday I get some recurring questions from folks so I wanted to compile a list of FAQs to reference to make it easier for myself and my wonderful customers :) Before you message me with questions, take a gander at this list to see if it provides answers for you!


Q: What is Mama Crunk's Kitchen?

A: Presently, we are a scratch-made kitchen and catering service where you're able to order pies, meals and special catering and pick up at our commercial kitchen. We have plans for opening up a storefront and cafe in the very near future, so please check back for updates!


Q: How can I order your pies, meals and catering? 

A: Right from this website! Weekly specials may be ordered thru email and social media, but ordering online thru the site is the best option. Visit the tab marked "Online Ordering".

Q: Where are you located?
A: We operate out of a commissary/event space located in the historic Countdown Building (3210 Brainerd Road) in Old Town Brainerd. Special orders/catering are always available to pick-up there. To pick up, you'll park in the back parking lot off Elmwood next the building that has the "Leonard's" Sign painted on the wall.

Q: When can I order and when can I pick up orders?

A: Presently, our "pop-up" shop hours at our commercial kitchen located in The Countdown Building are Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 5:30pm. All online and special orders must be placed by Wednesday of every week (the exception is special event catering).

Q: What kind of food and catering do you provide?

A: In addition to pies, we make rotating weekly meals and general catering. We have a few general catering packages available in our online ordering page, but we also can do more custom catering fine-tuned to your needs. Just email us at mamacrunkspies@gmail.com or drop us a line in our contact form!

Q: Do you make any "diet" pies or dishes (vegan/gluten-free, sugar-free, etc.)?
A: We are all about comfort food at Mama Crunk's, so we do tend to use sugar, fat and a lotta love. While we definitely make vegan meals (and are working on making "gluten-friendly" pies!!), we don't believe you should deprive your body of comfort and full flavors.


Q:  How long is the shelf life of your pies and how should I store them?
A: Seeing as to our pies are made with butter (or vegan butter if they are vegan), they are very shelf stable and will probably be good for 5+ days. As for storing them, I like as a rule to recommend that everyone observe the time-temperature danger zone which states that food shouldn't be left out for more than 4 hours at room temp. You can be a little more lenient with fruit or vegan pies, but not with any pies containing meat or dairy.


Q: Is there a discount for buying in bulk?
A: Yes! We are always looking for wholesale clients and definitely offer bulk pricing for large orders. Message or email us for more details!


Q: What is your email?
A: mamacrunkspies@gmail.com


Q: Where did the name Mama Crunk come from?
A: Consult urban dictionary for the etymology of the word "Crunk". It was my given nickname in college. Y'all come to your own conclusions 😉