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Hi y'all! Everyday I get some recurring questions from folks so I wanted to compile a list of FAQs to reference to make it easier for myself and my wonderful customers :) Before you message me with questions, take a gander at this list to see if it provides answers for you!


Q: How can I order your pies? 

A: Right from this website! I do not take orders thru email, on the phone or otherwise. When you get to the landing page, you can select the button that says "Pie Shop!" to view our current menu and add your selections to a shopping cart for local pickup.


Q: Where are you located?
A: We operate out of a commissary/event space located in the historic Countdown Building in Old Town Brainerd. Special orders/catering are always available to pick-up there. 


Q: Do you make any "diet" pies (vegan/gluten-free, sugar-free, etc.)?
A: Currently Mama Crunk's DOES serve vegan pies, but NOT gluten-free or other special dietary pies. Our reasoning for not serving gluten-free pies is not having a separate facility to ensure there is no cross-contamination. In terms of sugar-free or "lighter" pies, we at Mama crunk's believe in making the most delicious pies with the best quality ingredients, and this generally does not mean these pies are "diet-friendly". However, you can be sure you are getting a handmade pie with NO artificial preservatives or sweeteners.


Q: Are your pies frozen?
A: Each pie at Mama Crunk's is made by hand and fresh to order. This includes all our fruit and savory fillings and sauces as well. This takes us a lot of time, but the taste and quality are worth it.


Q:  How long is the shelf life of your pies and how should I store them?
A: Seeing as to our pies are made with butter (or vegan butter if they are vegan), they are very shelf stable and will probably be good for 5+ days. As for storing them, I like as a rule to recommend that everyone observe the time-temperature danger zone which states that food shouldn't be left out for more than 4 hours at room temp. You can be a little more lenient with fruit or vegan pies, but not with any pies containing meat or dairy.


Q: How much lead time do you require for pies?
A: Since we make all our pies to order and have to contend with a lot of production with a very small staff, we require at least four days of lead time for orders (more required for large orders).


Q: Is there a discount for buying in bulk?
A: Yes! We are always looking for wholesale clients and definitely offer bulk pricing for large orders. Message or email us for more details!


Q: What is your email?
A: mamacrunkspies@gmail.com


Q: Where did the name Mama Crunk come from?
A: Consult urban dictionary for the etymology of the word "Crunk". It was my given nickname in college. Y'all come to your own conclusions 😉